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How to choose curtains for living room windows

Curtains for home

Curtains are one of the important parts of our home and you should always be careful for keeping them proper so that they can match up with the décor of the home. There are varieties of curtains which are available and you should make sure to choose the one which is most appropriate for you. When you are choosing the curtains for living room window it is important that you keep certain thing into your mind. The most important thing to be taken care is the fabric and color of the curtains. You can get number of options for color and you need to decide whether you wish to match the curtains and itch the furnishing or you wish to contrast them.

Bright Solid Yellow and Orange Bedroom Curtains


There are number of fabrics which are available in the market and it is your choice to choose the one which is most appropriate. The length of the curtain for living room window is to be considered. The curtains which exactly fall at floor level are great. If you wish to have a dynamic look then you can choose the curtains for living room windows which are longer a few inches. This allows the drapes to puddle in the floor. If you are having kids then it is better to choose the curtains which are a little inches above the floor level. You can choose to end them on sill if you have small windows.

curtains for living room window

The options can give you the casual look and the full length drapes also work well in the same case. The width for the curtain for living room window depends on the molding of the window door and pane. The way to arrive for the ideal width is by measuring the frame and then multiplying it with the factor of 2 or 2.5. The extra fabric which is used in the curtains can help you in getting the gathered look at the sides when they are drawn.

European Living Room Curtains

In hot summer, heavy and thick curtains have been changed into light sheer curtains. Recently, roman curtains are not only popular and beautiful, but also can blackout lights and dustproof. Vintage beauty and modern peculiarity especially emerge into European living room curtains design. These roman curtains can block out hot lights in summer but also can bring you fresh feelings in hot summer.

Such roman curtains can be decorated with golden lotus patterns, which is more popular among the mature elders. So we can pick such curtains for the aged bedrooms, which will enlighten the casual and calm environment for living.


Then, what we should pick for girls bedroom? Let us check the pink roman curtains. This is romantic and dreamy. You can also adopt this one for new couples bedrooms. You can match such country style curtains to create the graceful style for your room. Also except the pink colors, we may choose colorful carton curtains for our kids’ rooms like elephant or lion patterns. Also sweet pink color is the favorite color for little girls. While for boys, cute blue color should be the first choice here. Striped blue curtains are simple but nice. Also you can buy animal imaged curtains, which are more proper for children’s bedrooms.
Well, let us check the romantic big flower curtains. Take a look at those curtains, they can bring you the sweet dreamy feelings. It can decorate your room beautifully but also play the important role at your home – blackout sun lights. Also you can pull up the roman curtains, it should be graceful.

Craftsmanship curtains should be one of the most important house decorations. It combines functional and decorative features together. Proper collection can add charming character for your household. In recently years, the fabric adoption for curtains are various, which also combine different fashion elements at the same time. If you just painting your house for not a long time, there is no need to repaint it. But you still want to change the style, then you may start from the curtains. So you can create a new home. This year, European simple style is becoming more and more popular because of its nature design and modern feature.

The choice of modern living room curtains

Nowadays there are more and more styles in curtains, different house will have styles, no matter it is living or study, we had better choose the different choices, some friends like the glamorous style, some friends like the cold style, in our opinion, some friends prefer the warm colors, now we will have a brief description about the choice of modern living room curtains.

First simple style atmosphere, the adornment of the average man to atmospheric type, and on the color selection is given priority to with gray, white and black, with cool black and white, decorative pattern is pure and fresh and natural, also won’t let a person look very monotonous, take in the low-key luxury atmosphere, very suitable for a male friend. If you feel too hale and hearty, might as well put a few pillows on the sofa, can make indoor the atmosphere of warmth, and black and white collocation also won’t appear dull.

Second simple style, many of the modern family kitchen and living room are linked together, and select the collocation of louver is not only simple and bright, and warm, if you like, you can also choose a little bit more simple living room curtain, fresh color and flower, is very good.

Third sweet style, home is a place of rest is where all relaxed, sweet not only represents a kind of atmosphere, but also working overworked one day one of the largest local touches your soul, the warmth of family to have a family and care, not just the curtain is also very important. Choose a few warm color department modern living room curtains, can let a room under the lights appear more warmth, plus the close relatives, believe anyone in such an environment would feel warm and clinking.

Sitting room pays attention to more of the curtain, curtain is not right, if you choose will be destroyed, the theme of the whole sitting room is decorated in the sitting room can see several kinds of style, it is not good.

The above is the tips of selecting modern living room curtains, hope that could help you a little.

Modern Living Room Curtain

Knowing the Common Sense of Living Room Curtains

Knowing the Common Sense of Living Room Curtains, Let You do not Lose Face in Front of Guests

Living room will to receive guests or VIP, so the living room decoration can not as the same as bedroom or other places. It need to let the guests feel something different. Even make them fell the enthusiasm of the host. And the living room will be the finshing touch of the whole living room decoration. Then as the host, knowing the common sense about the living room is necessary. Next we will focus on it.

Because there are may many people will in the living sometimes. Whatever family party or the guests comes, the living room is very important. When you choose modern curtains for living room must notice the hierarchy and decoration. At the same time, we also must consider the image of the host. You better make them suitable. Let your living room show clear, elegant and a little stylish. You may choose some curtains easy to use. It is easy to installing and can be romantic. For example the organ shade, silky roller or vertical blinds.

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And you better according the different decorated style to choose the curtains. Choose the right style, color and pattern. Do not make the living room orderless. Otherwise it will not show the topic of the living room. Whatever the colors or the styles of curtains, choose a better one. whatever you like steady and generous or the warm colors. When you go to choose the cloth, too much you like to choose. Do not worry, you are able to choose one color according the colors of your sofa. Let them suitable.

Choosing a suitable curtain is no very easy. If you can not choose the right one, maybe you can broke the whole house decorated topic. Or find several styles in the living room is not look good.

Colors Choice for Different Rooms

Hello everyone, speak of home decoration, everyone must have different ideas. There are so many things need to be considered, including the furniture, the walls, and lights as well as the curtains. Some people maybe concerned why curtains are important. As you know, one slight detail may affect the whole style of your house, so how can not forget it? So today, let’s see how to choose curtains one by one.

First of all, let’s see the colors. You house can not have just one window, can you? When some one visit your home, the first place come into their eyes must be the living room. So what color we should choose as the living room curtains? Well, here is a tip for you. You can choose the warm color as the basic color for your curtains, which will show you are very nice and passionate. In this way, who would not like to be your home?

Green curtains, living room curtains

And we have study room here. For study room curtains, you better choose cold neutral color, since it is the place where you study, reading, so you need a peaceful mood, and clear mind. So someone maybe asked what should we choose for our bedroom. I think we can choose some peaceful and soft colors, which would make our room look elegant but not cold. You know bedroom is where you resting, sleeping, also you can create some romantic or cute styles, which is absolutely up to you.

Well, we have an important place that we should not forget, that is the dining room. For dining room, you can choose some yellow or orange colors, which would make you have a nice appetite, which is especially suitable for there families who have kids, eating is always a problem. But for those girls who are pursuing slim figure line, you can consider about it carefully. LOL

Except the colors, we also have so many aspects need to consider about, such as the patterns of the curtains, styles, and last but not least the functions. If you have any special demands, you would be better to take those into consideration.

Next time, we are going to talk about how to match curtains colors with your furniture. If you do not want miss, follow us!

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