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The Collocation Skills of Curtains

We may design the living room to entertain our guests, and choose living room curtains to match with living room design style. But for bedroom curtains, we need to consider more about the masters. In this warm, private and romantic bedroom space, curtains are more than the decoration but to protect the privacy and adjust the lights.

1.6 kids curtain

When you open the room door, curtains can be the most attractive part of the room. Also it will show your taste. Different room should select different drapes. For example, when we choose curtains for kids room, we should consider their natural instincts. So we may pick cute cartoon pattern curtains in bright colors. Also you may ask what do they actually like. Worth to say, kids are naturally active, they may like to hide behind the curtains. Sometimes, they may bit it. So when we are selecting curtains for kids, we should consider the eco-friendly health problem.

Generally speaking, curtain pattern and color should match with the sofa style. In modern designed home, we can choose polyester cotton or linen fabric curtains in light colors like beige, light yellow or light gray. But if your home design style tends to be European style, for the curtain color, you can pick coffee, golden or dark coffee color. Curtains should not look strange

Also we should consider the weather when we are picking curtains. To blackout hot sun lights and keep room warm problems should not be neglected. Curtains have so many different features like thermal, blackout, eco-friendly, waterproof, energy saving and so on. Anyway, if you are confused, you can ask the professional designer for some advice. See you next time.

Recommendation for Kids Bedroom Curtains

With the development of science and economy, home decoration is becoming more and more popular. Curtains as one of the significant decoration element, we are familiar with that. Curtains can be the important show point in your house. It mean they can add fun or special, nice feelings in your room. This time, we are gonna talk about the recommended choices for kids bedrooms.

Speak of kids bedrooms, some parents may think it is the best to decorate it in colorful style with so many colors. In fact, it is not a good way. We suggest our parents can learn the personality or favors of your kids. You can also ask their opinions and décor the room in the way they like. Some children love colorful candies, but some kids prefer to simple colors. So for these kids, we would better to décor the room in simple way. So simple curtains can win their hearts. Simple bubbles in yellow or black colors are causal but adorable.


For some children, they love cartoon pattern curtains like Snow White or Ultraman. They have their little world that adults cannot understand. Pick the curtains they love and make them have a nice childhood. Besides cartoon curtains in famous patterns, there are also cute animal pattern curtains like ladybug or monkeys.

What’s more, pinkish floral pattern curtains are also very adorable, which is very nice for little girls bedrooms. If your home design style is country one, then it would be even better. Cute and fresh flowers are charming and appealing on the windows. Also little girls just live pink colors. They cannot say no to these curtains.

Childhood dreams are simple and far away. As parents, we should pick the curtains they love and make sure they can have a happy childhood. Light blue curtains feel like the sky, printed by stars and moon, it is extraordinary for kids bedrooms.

Tips for Choosing Correct Kids Curtains, Have a Healthy Childhood

Curtains play important role for our sweet home. It is more than the decorative curtains we need for our home but also are related to our health. This time, we will talk about the kids room curtains, which seems to be the most important one that we care about. As we all know, kids room is where they can have good rest and they can play. So there are many significant points that we should be careful about. We need consider every little detail, so our kids can grow up healthy.

First of all, we should pay attention to the kids curtains’ colors. Colors for kids room should be soft and mild, and full of interesting funs. At the same time, we can choose the color according to different seasons with the season’s changing. For summer, we can choose light colors and for winter, we may pick dark colors. Therefore, we can feel cool in summer and warm in winter. For same one room, it would be best to pick same color and pattern curtains to keep clean and neat feeling. Also it can prevent disorder style happens.


Furthermore, we should be care about the usage of patterns. We should start from children’s aspect. So we can pick cute images like stars and moons, which can make kids calm down. Also there are many other options for you to pick like mickey mouse, and Winnie the Pooh. There all should be nice choices.

Last but not least, we should notice the thickness of curtains. For example, light curtains can turn directly strong sunshine into soft one, which can block part of lights and also keep room bright. While thick curtains like velvet curtains can be soundproof.

It would be best to choose double kids curtains, including curtains and sheers. For day time, we can only use sheers curtains uk, so we can have lights in room. And for night, we can pull thick curtains, and create a nice sleeping environment.

Children Disney Princess Curtains

Childhood is an interesting and full of fun stage in our life. At that period, we are interested in everything, and we are curious about every new stuff. So it is a very important and significant enlightenment period to cultivate their interest and hobbies. Children love various cartoon figures. They are full of mysterious feelings, which can satisfy their curiosity. Disney princess curtains will create a dreamy and fantastic land for our little kids.

9.29 princess curtains

So let’s check the details for princess curtains. First of all, twelve princess images on Disney curtains look beautiful. It can meet every girl’s princess dream in their mind. These patterns are full of kids fun colors, and they accord with their beauty values at that stage. Also they love these princess image patterns.

Second, fabric density is very important. Density for fabric is related in the lights penetrability. Curtains in strong density fabric can black out more lights than the one with small density. So if you choose larger degree density curtains, the room can be more darker at day time.

Third, we cannot miss the thickness of curtains. If there are two pairs of curtains in same color, thick curtains can also block more lights than thin fabric curtains. It means thick curtains are more good at blackout sun lights or street lights.

Forth, speak of the texture for curtains, we also have many aspects that we cannot overlook. Pure cotton or linen materials, such natural fabrics should be the best curtains essential materials for kids curtains. Also when you choose the curtains, you can buy the matching sheer curtains together. In this way, you can ensure the room is bright but also can prevent direct sunshine in the room. It will be nice for blackout lights in day time and soundproof at night. So we can make sure kids can have enough sleeping when they are growing up.

Last but not the least, we cannot overlook the significance of cute patterns for curtains like hello kitty, or Pokonyan. By the way, moon and stars can also be sweet pattern choice.

Four Steps to Choose Kids Room Curtains

Childhood is the most important period for enlightenment for everyone. In that stage, his or her mind, life view and value are developing, which is vital to the rest of kid’s life. Child, like the angle from heaven, he or she is so cute, adorable and kind, loves the world with curiosity and courage. So when we are choosing kids room curtains, we can pick it from the point of lovely children. What’s the best for them and what’s the most desirable one they want for their room.

First of all, you can select kids room curtains according to the interests of kids. I mean what style they like. We just need to follow few steps when we are picking that and then we can have the most suitable curtains here.

9.26 kids room curtains

In order to make you more specific understand, I will recommend you few types of curtains for you to check. For the most popular one, we have nautical series kids curtains. Light blue curtains printed with nautical ocean patterns, such style can provide a happy and free play environment for kids, so they can grow up happily and carefree.

Second, we have sweet and cute kids curtains in romantic way. This one will be full of dreamy pink color, decorated with floral patterns and bow ties. Therefore, the whole room will be comfortable and lovely. Such curtains are the most suitable one for our little girls. You may have a try.

Be aware of the above mentioned styles, customers can pick the style they need according to different window shapes. No matter it is the French window style or bay windows, we can all help you to have the best kids room curtains or living room curtains for you to satisfy your various needs for curtains.

After Install Nursery Room Curtains, Windows Need to Be Open to Ventilate

We all know after decorating the house, we need to open doors and windows to ventilate the air, because there might be formaldehyde in the room, which is bad for our health. However, many people neglect that keep room airy is required when you hang a new set of nursery room curtains, since some curtains also contain formaldehyde.

First of all, sometimes, some substances need to be added into producing curtains since we need better functional one. When we are going to purchase the curtains we may ask for waterproof, fireproof and other functional features. Furthermore, right now, there are so many various patterns for the curtains with colorful colors. During the printing or dyeing, these patterns need to add some chemical material more or less, so some may contain little amount of formaldehyde.

9.15nursery curtain

Second, we can avoid choosing too showy or luxurious curtains, because these curtains should use more accessory during producing, so it can be gorgeous. More dyeing means there are more harmful substance. Generally speaking, waterproof or fireproof curtains have additional agents, which may release formaldehyde. Therefore, a good advice for you is picking modern simple curtains.

Thirdly, green stands for strength, life and vigor. At the same time, green represent peace. People who love green colored curtains love hanging out and get along with others. They are harmony with each other. Such people are easy-going, gentle and soft.

Forth, we also have many customers who love blue curtains. Such people is very strong-minded, independent. No matter dealing with any problems, they are cool and calm, since they are very rational. But they are unwilling to listen to others and accept others’ advices. They are self-conceit as you can see.

Nursery room curtains are becoming more and more popular, as they are very practical and funny. Different colored curtains can represent different personality. At the same time, it can change atmosphere at home. So it is important to choose the correct nursery room curtains.

The Children Disney Princess Curtains

Then childhood is the period full of interests. The kids are curious to everything. This is also the period of enlightenment. And culture their all kinds of hobbies and interests each other. So in this period, the parents better creative a good life environment for them first. The kids always like all kinds of cartoon characters. They full of magic and legend. They meet the children about their curious psychology to the unknown. Then the Disney princess curtains creative a new world full of mysterious and fantasy.

First, on the pattern design, we use 12 princesses’ portrait to meet the princess image in every girls’ minds. The patterns are full of interests and colors is fit for the aesthetic requirements of children in this period. And these patterns are meet their mental skills of cartoon characters. You also can choose some cartoon patterns with the cartoon characters your children like best. Then thy may be more interesting in the curtains and feel more happy.

Disney Princess Curtains

Second, there are all kinds of materials to be chosen for you. Such as cotton, sheer curtains and linen. You can according to different seasons to choose different materials. For example, in winter, you can choose the material in good function on soundproof and thermal. In the summer, you can choose the linen curtains with sheer curtains curtains. The linen fabric has good air permeability and water absorption. This kind of fabric can adjust the inner air. The sheer curtains curtains are also have good air permeability. At the same time you can creative a dreamy and romantic life space for your kids.

Third, in the color part, there are so many kinds of choices. There is blue color represent the broad-minded. There is also romantic and dreamy pink color. Our parents can change the colors all the time to creative a colorful world for children. To cell culture the cognitive ability of your children from childhood of your children.

Disney princess curtains are in low price and guarantee quality. They are is absolutely the best choice of children curtains.

The Most Popular Kids Curtains

The curtains in kids room are different from adults bedroom. When you choose the cheap kids curtains must pay more attention on the healthy of the kids’ growth. And how to let your kids have a nice body and a healthy psychological. Every parents want their kids are positive, lively and cheerful. So here I will recommend several curtains are suitable for kids very much for you. Then lets have a look which kinds of curtains are good for children on earth next.

Fist, the kids curtains with printed animal patterns. Every kids have special feelings about animals inborn. They like the animals and like to touch them. So when you are choosing the kids curtains you can choose some animal patterned curtains. It is will meet the curiosity of animals from your kids to the world. The color you better choosing some bright colors. Then it will show the whole room is more fresh and beautiful.

Second, the kids curtains about ocean. The light blue curtains, and printed the marine life patterns on the light blue curtains. These kinds of curtains will creative a more happy and freedom place for your kids. Then your children will grow up healthy and happy.

cheap kids room curtains

Third, the sweet Korean kids curtains. The aesthete Korean curtains are full of dreamy colors and pink ground color. Then plus some flowers patterns to decorative the curtains. This kind of curtains are also used bowknot to decorative them. Then the whole bedroom will show you warm and sweet feelings. It is very suitable for girls. The curtains are very romantic.

Forth, the kids curtains will use the fresh country style with floral patterns. Now the children live in the city, they face to the all kinds of high buildings day after day. They have less and less chance to get close to the nature. So choose a kind of curtains full of nature feelings will make your kids touch the nature better.

When you choose the kids curtains for your children, we must consider about the interests and hobby of your kids to choose the curtains. To creative a warm and comfortable grow environment for your kids is important. I really hope the curtains I recommend for you above can help you choose the more suitable kids curtains for your kids.

How to Choose the Kids Curtains

How to Choose the Kids Curtains

Kids is the important members of our family, if a family has two members or four members all the time. Then the family will be not vibrant. The kids comes will broke the silence. But how to choose the kids curtains is crucial. Because of the small children, the most important element is healthy. Then I will tell you how to choose the kids curtains.

First, choose the best suitable color.

Choosing color is very important, better according to the kids. The children usually like bright colors. For example most girls better like pink. At the same time, considering about the changing season. Choosing the light color in summer and a little bit dark in winter. And make the colors in the kids room almost closed. Do not make the colors complicated. Otherwise it can not show the topics.

kids curtains

Second, Picking up the most suitable size.

According to the size of the windows in the kids room curtains to pick up the curtains. Before buying or custom the curtains measure the size of the curtains in details and make notes. Especial the down parts is related on the curtains can touch the floor or not. But you are not be able to make the curtains too short to save the Fabrics. It is not pretty.

Third, choosing the most suitable thickness of the kids curtains

You can according to your children to choose the most suitable curtains. If your children hate cold that you can choose the thick curtains. It can let the winds outside and keep warm. If your residence is cold, better choosing more thick kids curtains.

Forth, the suitable price

Do not choose the cheap kids curtains. Because the cheap curtains is made by the low quality fabrics. This affects the child’s health. But do not choose the very expensive curtains,too. You can not spend too much money for the children. Just buy a health one is enough. Then the curtain length of life is according to the quality of the curtains. In high quality, the curtains can use for a long time. And it never fade, and most importantly the children will not broke it.