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How to select the colors of curtains

Curtains are the necessary for every family, there are many styles and colors among the curtains, then among these bright colors, how could we choose? In fact, every curtain has its own advantage, then how to choose the same style with your own style, I think only this curtain could be the point of all the dress.

First the color of curtains are harmony with the wall colors, if your wall is white, then you could choose the light red, which could have the bright effect, if your wall is yellow, then you could match with the green curtains, your house will be warm and comfort.

Second the plaid curtains are very popular among the curtains, if you combine two colors or several colors together, then I think there will be different effect, the plaid curtains’ colors are decided according to the directions of the house.

9.1 curtain color
Third if you want to choose the curtains for your children’s room, then you have to notice the match up the colors, since the proper match up will improve children’s like, the choice of colors could not be too bright, which could be harmful to the eyes, generally speaking, the color of bedroom curtains had better be light, which could let others feel the silence, then as to the living room curtains, the color could be somewhat strong, which could give us the solemn feeling.

Fourth the choice of curtains could be with seasons, with the seasons change, in the summer, you had better choose the light or cold color, in the winter, you could choose warm and dark color.

At last, I have to notice all, in one house, we had better match the curtains’ colors with your furniture, which could keep the whole pretty.

In a word, if you want to choose the curtains for your house, then you could choose the plaid curtains, at the same time, you could choose the elegant color, then I think the plaid curtains will be a good choice, the plaid curtains will make the house more pretty, at the same time, it will let the house full of your taste.

The tips of purchasing dark blue curtains

Many people like the dark blue curtains, many people who like to buy dresses almost choose this color, they would choose the dark blue curtains for themselves, then what tips should we pay attention to?

First the size
We could use the series in order to blackout sunshine, so the size of the curtains will be perfect, we could decide according to the length, we could cover the whole windows, the width could be bigger, but we could not be too big, which is not too big, when we purchase the curtains, we have to use the tape to own it, at the same time, we could not buy it home.

Second the style
The curtains is the part of the whole accessories, we should pay attention on the styles, especially the match of curtains, if the length of curtains is smaller than width, if you use the floor curtains, if the curtains are very bigger, you could connect several dark blue curtains together, which could give us the effect of pieces and have the blackout effect, at the same time, you could not have the too involved, but it is not the same with the furniture style, since the effect of curtains is to light your curtains and not be harmony with others.

Third the design styles
The design of curtains could improve the settles, when we choose our dresses, we could choose from our own like and ages, if your windows are very big, we had better not choose the multi-colored curtains, otherwise it will be showed dump, if the design styles of curtains will be simple, at the same time, if your house is smaller than the curtains, then it could feel like very small, then in my opinion, the dark blue curtains will be a good choice.

dark blue curtains

If you have known the tips of purchasing the curtains, I think everyone could buy its curtains, hope that it could give you small help, if you want to choose the right curtains, then we could choose the dark blue curtains, then it will be helpful to your house.

Lilac curtains give you different feelings

The purple violet is a kind of mysterious. Of course the purple could represent the noble, elegant and mysterious feeling. The purple color is often used to describe that which have some the traditional activity, and it represents the communication with god.

First the national curtains

In east Asia, some people like purple color, the mystery of the purple is the color of their yearning. At home there will be a lot of objects about the color of the furniture, for example the table cloth is purple, and there’s a lilac curtain, which is not only to represent the mysterious purple color, but also that light will also give a person with a kind of cool and refreshing feeling, especially in summer, some east Asian countries will have some nice lilac, that represents the cool and refreshing feeling, but also it could preserve the national style.

Second the noble feeling

Lilac Curtains

The noble color, the east Asian countries may be full of rich people who will use noble color, we could look at their curtain, which is the sort of lilac curtains, the curtain is not only very pretty, and it is the sheets, the lilac curtains at the same time with a bar, the wine purple light flashed, which printed above the curtain of the lilac, the noble temperament of taking in everything in a glance, this time if you sit above the bar to drink wine, at the same time you could hold the goblet, at the same time you wave then red wine glasses, we could look at the curtains blowing in the wind, a place to another place, then we could have a very noble feeling, which is like a noble prince or a noble princess.

Third very beautiful

If your yard has violet, or purple lavender, which are planted in the yard, and we see this through lilac curtain scenery, is it very noble enjoyment? If you want to try to have a update in your house, then I think you could the lilac curtains, It could be a perfect choice for you to choose the lilac, it is very noble and elegant, which could add some pretty feeling to your house.