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Infuse you space with Jungle style by adding Animal printed curtains

Curtains are an integral part of the interior design. They provide privacy, add warmth, filter sunlight and also infuse style with space. Determining window treatments is a must for your space and so having the measurements ready helps in purchasing.

Pink Two Panels Nursery Curtains

Animal printed curtains are ideal for dining room, living room or bedroom. These curtains can be given to your kids rooms as well. However, you may confirm with them their choice of animals on the curtains. This will make them happy to have their choice in front of them. Besides, these artistic curtains are inexpensive ways of adding style and color in decorating your home.

The drapes featuring animal printed curtains can also come in thin poly material woven with a poly backing so that it certainly blocks light coming from outside and thereby creates privacy barrier. Even having a dark background helps in blocking light. You can have dark or light colored animal images, the blockage of light will be ranging from 55 to 80%.

Tropical Kids Floral and Horse Printed Curtains

Give your home a jungle style and ensure the d├ęcor style also matches in the room. You can decorate it with luxurious window panels featuring warming effect and vivid colored curtains. This is sure to work as the best window treatment that provides you the choice of animal prints and at the same time the privacy. Add styling to your window and ensure the set features tie backs, so that it is unique.

Having animal printed curtains in your home gives you a natural feel of being in some environment outside. Staying inside your home and experiencing a refreshed feel is the attraction of animal prints. You can also choose a colorful curtain featuring lots of flowers and small or big animals. They look admirable and even your guests coming to your home will be amazed by your brilliant choice.

animal printed curtains

Give your rooms exclusivity and air of class with Velvet Curtains

Velvet represents elegance. This is one quality that pools and is great for formal styled bedroom or living room. The velvet curtains are good to block light out and for nurseries, thereby helping even babies to sleep better and longer.

Purple Geometric Velvet Thermal Curtains

Buying velvet curtains or drapes means you should be aware of a very important fact that it does not come cheap. The prices vary based on the brand name, the place you buy and the size, small or large. However, you can anticipate spending around $200 for good quality velvet drapes.

Another very important point is that in case you have pets or very small children, these curtains are not much useful. This is said because if you pet is not trained properly, the odds are that it will ruin the curtain pooled on the floor. It is good to have these curtains where your pet does not access. Even small children may have bad accidents in case they happen to pull down the curtains on themselves.

velvet curtains

The most valuable thing to consider is that these velvet curtains cannot be thrown into the washing machine or you cannot even consider it to dry hung. It always requires dry cleaning. On considering all these options, you may shop them. In fact, you can compare styles and prices of brands online or at some store in your local area and bargain for cheap price.

The foremost advantage is in the aesthetic value of using velvet curtains. These give a class or air and exclusivity. It helps people to maintain elegance and to improve the outlook. These curtains in velvet prevent harmful microscopic organisms from propagating your room and also dust. The highest degree of sound proofing is assured in rooms that are associated with rugs and carpets. In fact, even listening through walls is impossible when draped with velvet drapes.

Custom Coffee Stripe Velvet Curtains