Why choose damask drapes?


Curtain and drapes play an important role in your life and in your house as well. The damask drapes are an important curtain which is used in current times. When you are choosing them you need to follow certain instructions. The most important thing to be taken care of is the fabric of the curtain. You need to decide that for which room you are willing to have the drape and then choose the fabric. For living rooms you can choose the light colored curtain and for the bedrooms the bright colored and the thick curtains are preferable so that it offers you with privacy.

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The next thing to be taken care when you are choosing the damask drapes is about the measurements. You need to measure the height from the rod to the floor of the hanging curtains. Also remember to take care and measure the height of the rings and the hardware used. You need to check the space which you want form the curtain to the floor. When you are measuring the width of window you should consider the entire window. The standard is choosing the curtain panels and having them 2 inches wider as compared to the window.

damask drapes

You can choose the damask drape length based on 4 types. For short curtains the hem should be touching the down sill. The edge of curtain should be inch to two above the floor and the curtains can be draped over floor for 2 inches ad more. The hanging drapes which are closer to the ceiling can easily add the height of the room and thus it is preferable to be used. When choosing the drape the fabric plays an important role. You need to decide whether you wish to have a light weight or heavy weight drape.