Authentic French country curtains

Curtains in France

France is very large and diverse and so there is variety of French curtains which are different across the country. The different types of French curtains are the heavy French linen curtains, French style patchwork curtains, white French style curtains French cheesecloth curtains and many more.

Arch French Trendy Beige Linen Curtains

French country curtains

There are various types of fabrics available in the French curtains which are listed below.

1.French Fabrics – In French fabrics also there are two types of fabrics; Toile de Jouy and Indiennes fabrics. Toile is one of the favorite French country curtains which are used differently inside and outside France. Inside France it is not used from ceiling to floor but only half is used and outside France it is used to cover the entire windows. The Indiennes are also the type of French fabrics but it is less known to people. They are the colorful cotton prints. Their existence is the hand block printing and the usage of the fabric painting techniques which were originally developed in India.

french curtains

2.Linen puddles – The linen puddles French curtains are made up of the heavy and cream colored linen. Te linen puddles curtains give a brilliant look to the terracotta tiles which are commonly used in the Mediterranean part of France. In other parts usually the shutter are used and so this types of curtains are not useful.

3.Ticking – Ticking are the types of French curtains which are not meant for windows but they can be used to cover the doors or cover the opening in the wall. They can also be used to separate a bedroom area. They re sturdy and are the fabric that are woven tightly.

Many others types of French curtains are also available which can be purchased from shops or from online stores as well.