Extra wide curtain is cost-effective

Custom furniture decoration is more and more popular now.Wherever you see, custom design has become a tendency and add the beauty,It appears in most families’ windows, cabinets, countertops.Especially now is that people l prefer extra wide curtains,making curtains falling down perfectly on the floor.

Extra wide curtain has more usability and has products in order to satisfy all requirements.These types of curtain’s beauty is that it shows the versatility of large pieces.It has its own advantages when using extra material in curtains.

Flower Beautiful Linen Extra Wide Curtains

Extra wide curtain is useful.Because it can run on the amazing new machine in order print beautiful pattern on these fabric.Design doesn’t need to be full and can appear beautiful full space.

These extra wide curtain can easily deal with a large amount of color and design on the fabric.Design can be perfect.So when hanging,it is not only beautiful but also can be as the full scene or design.We can feel its integrity.

The fabric using template on the ink and spindle can be completed in a better way.Ink dye can be form pattern on the dry surface after drying.Leaving the required space on the curtain can make the curtain have special beauty of image.

extra wide curtains

Extra wide curtain is bright fabric,which can avoid seam.It is not necessary to look for the same color or matching contrast color.Because they come from a reel.So it is not only the same in design but also in the fabric.The pattern parts looks very beautiful.

Extra wide curtain is that it can be custom design,which is cost-effective.