Horizontal striped curtains —- a smart way to decorate your home

Are you going to re-decorate your home? The curtains, rug, lights and so on, have you ever thought changed them into a new style? Or you just got a new house and want to create a unique home environment. I have to say, the simplest way is choosing a suitable curtain.

Blue Simple Horizontal Striped Curtains

As you know, when people entering a room, they will firstly attracted by the large, beautiful or bright things. The curtains can always realize this. It can cover the whole window even whole wall to play the decorative role and improve the whole temperament effectively. People will be attracted by curtains deeply when they are new here or there. The colors, patterns, style, appearance and so on, all of these will change the original style. So, i wanna recommend the funky curtain decorated with horizontal striped patterns.

Striped patterns can always add the dynamic feeling and make your room become funky and modern. This chic pattern will never out of date. If you choose the horizontal striped curtain to decorate your room, it can also improve the visual effect to make your room look wider and broader. You can choose the gray or black color to create a cool feeling. Especially for young people, who prefers to simple and fashion lifestyle. You can choose the suitable fabric according to the room demands. For example, for bedrooms, we’d better choose the heavy and thick fabric to darken the room and protect people’s privacy, then people can have a peaceful and safe environment to have a good sleep.

Horizontal striped curtains

The striped pattern also include slight or thick patterns. So, just choose it freely according to your own tastes. What is suitable for your home is the best.