Add more lively look to your home

Curtain is necessary for a room. If the curtain is really superior, then it must be very expensive, so most people are not willing to spend too much money on curtains. Thus, here, I wanna recommend the colorful curtains, which can beautify your home effectively and at a reasonable price level.

If your room style is simple, even boring or monotonous, the better choice for you to change the whole temperament is choosing a colorful curtain to create a different feeling. You can also make it by yourselves. The followings are necessary for making colorful curtains. The scissor, curtain panels, lines, sewing machine.

Colorful Floral Curtains Insulated Curtains

Measure the length and width of curtain panels and then leave 1-2 inches’ gap. Cut off the accessories, but never throw off any accessories for they will be useful in the future.

Choose another curtain panel in different color to, and leave the same gap on the two sides. You can sew the two pieces together.

Combine several colors together, just keep the width is similar. Then, it can create the colorful striped effect to add the dynamic feeling and improve the visual effect.

These colors can be similar to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. Also, they can be different and contrast to create a visual impact and attract people’s eyes first. As for the patterns, you can sew some chic decorations on the cloth to make the whole colorful curtain look not too monotonous.

colorful curtains

In all, making the colorful curtain is a good way to save money and finally change the whole temperament of your home.