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Horizontal striped curtains VS vertical striped curtains

There really has visual difference between horizontal striped patterns and vertical striped curtains(also known as striped curtains), and in fact, both these two kids of patterns are loved by modern families because they can provide your home new and simple look. You can search for different kinds of striped curtains and then find the one you love.

If you want to make the curtains yourselves, remember that measuring the sizes of the curtains first. You should know that width of the curtains should be double wider than your window. Don’t worry too much if your curtains are less wider, you can also add some accessories cloth or lace accessories to make the curtains look more suitable.

Affordable Pink And Orange Striped Curtains

If you can’t decide which kind of striped curtains you should choose, you should have a look at your home furniture, wall decor and your families’ taste; all these are important reasons when during you choose your curtains. Though you will think that striped or horizontal curtains are similar to each other, actually they are different to each person. But you should know that this kind of curtains are always popular among people because they are simple and modern.

Many different curtains with good colors can be hot, such as blue and white, black and white, gray and yellow, these color combo catch many people’s eyesight. Don’t pay much attention to choosing colors but ignore the fabrics or some other details of the curtains.

Curtains with elaborately embroidered patterns and romantic feelings are very popular among indoor decorations.It can not only take young people’s fancy world, but make the indoor decoration full of elegance. It will make the whole style of house unmatched, if you blindly pursue modern style.

striped curtains

It is a good choice to use a light-colored lace curtain.Many people worry about whether it will be too warm to use lace curtain in the living room. In fact,as long as people match well,lace curtain will definitely make the decoration of your living room more and more comfortable.

How do the sheer drapes prevent summer heat?

If you are getting tired of the same old look of the windows, then it is the best time to change into sheer drapes. It will give you a distinctive look for all season. It will help the lights to pass romantically. The sheer drapes are made of cotton that is why it is versatile and solid. It will add feminine flair to it.

Red Floral Decorative Sheer Curtains

What are the features of sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains come with a sheer design, which looks gorgeous on the door.

It is made of polyester.

The curtains are very easy to hand in the rod pocket.

There are two panels.

How to decorate using sheer curtains?

The sheer curtains are very stylish that is why it is suitable for living room and dining room. It plays an important role to enhance the beauty of your house. You should use it near sofas or TV set to make it special. You should match the curtains with the pillow in floral design. The sheer curtains are available in different colours.

sheer drapes

What is extraordinary?

Some sheer curtains do not come with a hook that is why you have to hang them with plastic rings. You can clean it in the washing machine because of the synthetic material. The sheer curtains are very light that is why you can see some beautiful waves in the curtain when air blows. It is made of a light reflecting synthetic materials. There are sheer lining included in the curtain.

Some sheer drapes are also made of polyester for easy washing. There will be extra large hem at the bottom of the sheer curtains to give it a distinctive look. There is a 4-inch header in the curtains along with small decoration. You can easily fold the curtain in four folds. You have to follow the instruction when it comes to removing the panels and packaging wrinkles.