Tips for Different Rooms Match with Different Curtains

Speak of picking curtains, the first thing came into my mind is what color we should select. Well, the color of curtains is decided by the main color of the room. In a word, we may pick same color or similar one of the room color. We can pick light color or dark color to create peaceful and quiet living environment. At the same time, we can also pick opposite color of the room main color. We can pick modern designed curtains for home to get rid of the depress feelings. Bright colors can also show the room in modern and lively way.

2.4 curtains

First of all, we can select curtains for living room. Well, when we are picking living room curtains, we can match it with sheers. In this way, we can avoid the direct sunshine and also ensure brightness in the living room. Nowadays, sheer curtains are becoming more and more popular among families. Sheer curtains can decorate room in dreamy way. If you want to create romantic atmosphere. You can select sheer curtains for your living room.

When we pick curtains for bedrooms, we ask for good blackout feature, since it’s our most privacy space at home, and we also do not want to be exposed under others sights. So blackout curtains can help us a lot. We can pick thick and heavy material curtains in soft color.

Last but not least, kids room is also very important and sometimes as the most important one in the family. And curtains for kids room should be simple and cute. Cotton fabric is soft and most popular. Cartoon patterns are recommend to show naive and cuteness of children.

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