Four Different Room Styles Match with Various Curtains

Hi, everyone, this time, I am going to present you four different room styles with four different type curtains. If you read this article, you will know your living room won’t be boring but interesting. After the New Year, I suppose we all want new look at our house. So let’s start. How to pick curtains to refresh the room. Change the color and style, the room will be special. The following styles will show you how to pick curtains.

2.2 living room curtains

First of all, we have romantic style to show you. For this style, sheer curtains are one of the elemental factors. As we all know, white sheer curtains are the symbol of romance. It should be nice to hang aeolian bells by the windows. In the wind, the bells are singing and the sheers are waving, so amazing, isn’t it? We can also add some water waved decorations by the outside of the sheers. Or we can choose nice tiebacks to match with the sheers. In the simplest way, we can present the most beautiful elegance.

Second, we can decorate the home in fashion and modern style. If so, we may need the help of bright color curtains. Bright colored curtains with blackout function is not only pretty but also very useful. We can add the flower art at home. Bright green, yellow or orange colors are recommended.

Third, how can we miss cute styles for girls and kids. If we want to choose curtains for cute home, we also need curtains curtains with sweet bow knots. Colors of curtains can be colorful. Adorable patterns are also significant for these curtains. Different patterns may surprise you.

Last, country style is also very popular and must mentioned this time. Floral curtains become the start products for quiet a long time. Country style will be charming and fascinating.

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