The Collocation Skills of Curtains

We may design the living room to entertain our guests, and choose living room curtains to match with living room design style. But for bedroom curtains, we need to consider more about the masters. In this warm, private and romantic bedroom space, curtains are more than the decoration but to protect the privacy and adjust the lights.

1.6 kids curtain

When you open the room door, curtains can be the most attractive part of the room. Also it will show your taste. Different room should select different drapes. For example, when we choose curtains for kids room, we should consider their natural instincts. So we may pick cute cartoon pattern curtains in bright colors. Also you may ask what do they actually like. Worth to say, kids are naturally active, they may like to hide behind the curtains. Sometimes, they may bit it. So when we are selecting curtains for kids, we should consider the eco-friendly health problem.

Generally speaking, curtain pattern and color should match with the sofa style. In modern designed home, we can choose polyester cotton or linen fabric curtains in light colors like beige, light yellow or light gray. But if your home design style tends to be European style, for the curtain color, you can pick coffee, golden or dark coffee color. Curtains should not look strange

Also we should consider the weather when we are picking curtains. To blackout hot sun lights and keep room warm problems should not be neglected. Curtains have so many different features like thermal, blackout, eco-friendly, waterproof, energy saving and so on. Anyway, if you are confused, you can ask the professional designer for some advice. See you next time.

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