Different Usages of Curtains

This time, we are going to talk about the multi usage of curtains, including privacy protection, lights utilization, home decoration and noisy reduction.

No one like to be exposed in front of others at home. Curtains can do good job for privacy protection. It is especially important for a family. Different room has different requirement for privacy protection. For example, living room is the place where you entertain your guests and have family activities. For this part, we do not need high demands for privacy protection. And for most of families, they do not close living room curtains. So such curtains are more kind of decorative curtains. But for bedroom or bathroom, we need high requests for privacy. As a result, we may pick sheer curtains for living room and thick curtains for bedrooms.


For privacy protection, we realize it by blocking lights, so we won’t be seen by others. Here, utilizing lights means we can protect our privacy but also utilize lights. For example, if you close the curtains for a long time, the thick curtains will block the sunshine, which is uncomfortable for human beings because we need sun lights. So for this request, we have sheer curtains to decorate our home.

For visual effect, curtains are the best decorative one for your home. Different style curtains can have different visual effects. Country curtains can present your home in vintage and pastoral style. Modern geometric pattern curtains are fashion and simple. Different patterns can have totally different feelings for your room.

At the same time, in this modern and fast developing society, there are many more functions for different style curtains. For example, curtains can play the role of noisy reduction. Such curtains are made of different and special fabrics.

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