After Install Nursery Room Curtains, Windows Need to Be Open to Ventilate

We all know after decorating the house, we need to open doors and windows to ventilate the air, because there might be formaldehyde in the room, which is bad for our health. However, many people neglect that keep room airy is required when you hang a new set of nursery room curtains, since some curtains also contain formaldehyde.

First of all, sometimes, some substances need to be added into producing curtains since we need better functional one. When we are going to purchase the curtains we may ask for waterproof, fireproof and other functional features. Furthermore, right now, there are so many various patterns for the curtains with colorful colors. During the printing or dyeing, these patterns need to add some chemical material more or less, so some may contain little amount of formaldehyde.

9.15nursery curtain

Second, we can avoid choosing too showy or luxurious curtains, because these curtains should use more accessory during producing, so it can be gorgeous. More dyeing means there are more harmful substance. Generally speaking, waterproof or fireproof curtains have additional agents, which may release formaldehyde. Therefore, a good advice for you is picking modern simple curtains.

Thirdly, green stands for strength, life and vigor. At the same time, green represent peace. People who love green colored curtains love hanging out and get along with others. They are harmony with each other. Such people are easy-going, gentle and soft.

Forth, we also have many customers who love blue curtains. Such people is very strong-minded, independent. No matter dealing with any problems, they are cool and calm, since they are very rational. But they are unwilling to listen to others and accept others’ advices. They are self-conceit as you can see.

Nursery room curtains are becoming more and more popular, as they are very practical and funny. Different colored curtains can represent different personality. At the same time, it can change atmosphere at home. So it is important to choose the correct nursery room curtains.

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