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The white patterned curtains will give us a silent afternoon

At the silent teatime, we have a cup of tea and sit beside the window, we could watch the beautiful scenery through the white patterned curtains, at this time, you could drink the tea when you read the book, I think the picture will be beautiful, at this time, the sunshine from outside shines on us, which could make us silent totally, at that time, we don’t think about our work and enjoy the time, the white patterned curtains give us the special feeling, which could make us calm down.

If the white patterned curtains are designed well, which could make the room more sweet and let the white patterned curtains become the pretty scenery, the white patterned curtains will make the style more fresh, for example, if you want to decorate the bedroom nature style, then all the furniture will be center of nature style.

If the white patterned curtains are designed well, which could make the room more sweet and let the white patterned curtains become the pretty scenery, the white patterned curtains will make the style more fresh, for example, if you want to decorate the bedroom nature style, then all the furniture will be center of nature style.

Second if we use the white patterned curtains will add some secret, that could let curtains down from the ceilings, that will make the room bigger, the outside of curtains will be more light, the main center of the bedroom is the curtains, since the accessories of the wall should be simple, you also could add some white color to keep the bedroom fresh, since the bedroom is not so big, since when we design the curtains, we should put the bed in the center of the room, if we could take advantage of the curtains, it will be nature and comfort, the white patterned curtains could be with the white patterned curtains, which could give us the new feeling.

When we walk into the room, we could see that, it is not the place where children live, we could see it from the bed and curtains, so in my opinion, the white patterned curtains had better be simple.

white patterned curtains


The tips of purchasing dark blue curtains

Many people like the dark blue curtains, many people who like to buy dresses almost choose this color, they would choose the dark blue curtains for themselves, then what tips should we pay attention to?

First the size
We could use the series in order to blackout sunshine, so the size of the curtains will be perfect, we could decide according to the length, we could cover the whole windows, the width could be bigger, but we could not be too big, which is not too big, when we purchase the curtains, we have to use the tape to own it, at the same time, we could not buy it home.

Second the style
The curtains is the part of the whole accessories, we should pay attention on the styles, especially the match of curtains, if the length of curtains is smaller than width, if you use the floor curtains, if the curtains are very bigger, you could connect several dark blue curtains together, which could give us the effect of pieces and have the blackout effect, at the same time, you could not have the too involved, but it is not the same with the furniture style, since the effect of curtains is to light your curtains and not be harmony with others.

Third the design styles
The design of curtains could improve the settles, when we choose our dresses, we could choose from our own like and ages, if your windows are very big, we had better not choose the multi-colored curtains, otherwise it will be showed dump, if the design styles of curtains will be simple, at the same time, if your house is smaller than the curtains, then it could feel like very small, then in my opinion, the dark blue curtains will be a good choice.

dark blue curtains

If you have known the tips of purchasing the curtains, I think everyone could buy its curtains, hope that it could give you small help, if you want to choose the right curtains, then we could choose the dark blue curtains, then it will be helpful to your house.

How to choose the micky mouse curtains?

Everyone thinks that we should choose the cartoon curtains in the children rooms, which could create the romance world, many children like the cartoon curtains, especially the mickey mouse curtains, the curtains are very popular with these curtains, especially we need to care about the following parts:

First the light
In order to create a comfort and sleep environment, we could start from these parts, the effect of curtains will be one of them, but if you don’t want the light to here, we could choose the light fabric, which is helpful to the children.

Second the accessories
Even the micky mouse curtains are popular with children, then we need to consider the whole effect, we could choose the related curtains, as for the general families, the curtains are the biggest accessories, it is very important for children to choose the curtains, especially the pretty curtains could bring the beauty of curtains, which could let them know the colors and pictures.

Third to reduce noise
Everyone needs silence when we want to sleep, if the children sleep in the noisy environment, so when we choose the micky mouse curtains, we have to consider the function of reducing noise, we could choose the thick curtains which could absorb the noise, if we choose the curtains like that, then it will give us the silent environment.

micky mouse curtains

We have to consider children’s like when we choose the curtains, we also want to consider the function, even the function of curtains is not for accessories, at the same time, it could give children a healthy environment.

In a word, if everyone wants to be silent when we sleep, especially for children, then I think if you want to choose curtains for your children, then I think you could choose micky mouse curtains, since the micky mouse is very popular with children, at the same time, the curtains always blackout the sunshine, it could help you stop the light, I think it is a good choice for you to choose the micky mouse curtains.

Lilac curtains give you different feelings

The purple violet is a kind of mysterious. Of course the purple could represent the noble, elegant and mysterious feeling. The purple color is often used to describe that which have some the traditional activity, and it represents the communication with god.

First the national curtains

In east Asia, some people like purple color, the mystery of the purple is the color of their yearning. At home there will be a lot of objects about the color of the furniture, for example the table cloth is purple, and there’s a lilac curtain, which is not only to represent the mysterious purple color, but also that light will also give a person with a kind of cool and refreshing feeling, especially in summer, some east Asian countries will have some nice lilac, that represents the cool and refreshing feeling, but also it could preserve the national style.

Second the noble feeling

Lilac Curtains

The noble color, the east Asian countries may be full of rich people who will use noble color, we could look at their curtain, which is the sort of lilac curtains, the curtain is not only very pretty, and it is the sheets, the lilac curtains at the same time with a bar, the wine purple light flashed, which printed above the curtain of the lilac, the noble temperament of taking in everything in a glance, this time if you sit above the bar to drink wine, at the same time you could hold the goblet, at the same time you wave then red wine glasses, we could look at the curtains blowing in the wind, a place to another place, then we could have a very noble feeling, which is like a noble prince or a noble princess.

Third very beautiful

If your yard has violet, or purple lavender, which are planted in the yard, and we see this through lilac curtain scenery, is it very noble enjoyment? If you want to try to have a update in your house, then I think you could the lilac curtains, It could be a perfect choice for you to choose the lilac, it is very noble and elegant, which could add some pretty feeling to your house.

How to choose the fabric of hello kitty curtains

Many girls like a lovely design, the choice of the curtain is not exceptional, every girl hopes that she can live in a room, where there is a pink bed and dolls, and hello Kitty design curtains, these constitute the girls fantasy bedroom. But don’t be fooled by pattern only, what kind of fabric is for use in the bedroom? Let’s take a look at.

First, cotton

Cotton fabric texture is soft, and good permeability, which can keep indoor air fresh, finally it is relative to other fabric which is easier to clean, and I think please don’t worry you will get into trouble when you are cleaning.

Second, mass.

This kind of cloth curtain suitable for summer use, because its material is more hard, more easy to finalize the design, and permeability is good, for those who like stereo sense is stronger, hemp fabric is a good choice. Hello Kitty pattern on the fabric curtain appears not so cute, if you want to choose the hello kitty curtains, then I think you could choose them for your children, I think it is a good choice for you, if you want to choose the curtains for your children, then you could have the best choice for them, if you want to choose the childish curtains, the hello kitty curtains will be be a good choice.

Hello Kitty Curtains

Third, silk

Silk curtain can be said to be the representative of the romantic, its soft texture to give a person infinite blind, and higher gloss, looks elegant. When the silk curtains hung, started up wind ripples, such scenes should be imagined every girl.

In combination with the interpretation of the above, which we can know, if you want to choose hello Kitty design curtains, the cloth is better, it can foil a cute hello Kitty, at the same time you can achieve the result of window curtains. And linen will make this lovely design appear massiness, you have lost the lovely colors. The silk is more noble and romantic, so the cotton is the best choice for all like girls lovely design.

The pretty gray and white curtains

The gray is very common color, we could see the gray short sleeve, the gray shoes and gray trousers are very popular with us, of course, the white color is also very popular with us, the white short sleeve and white shoes, the two colors are the good colors when we put them together.

First the gray and white curtains

If you want to get the effect of the gray and white, the color will be that which could combine gray and white, when you hang the curtains at home, you will find that, it is a noble and elegant feeling, we could see it from the TV, many families will use this curtains, the grey and white curtains give us the fresh feeling when we hang the curtains at home, at the same time, our house will be full of nature and clean feeling.

Second the fresh curtains

Usually the writers will have the gray and white curtains when they write papers, if you have the white wall, then it will have a fresh feeling, at this time, the writers will be behind the curtains down a small bamboo small table, and one computer on the desk and one cup of coffee beside the computer, which could make a beautiful scenery, at this time, the wind blows the curtains heavily, and the gray and white curtains also blows with the wind, the write drinks the coffee and looks at the outside, what feeling is it? Then we could catch this feeling, and type it into the computer, which could show on the screen, it seems that we could have this beautiful scenery in our heart forever.

gray and white curtains

In a word, the gray and white curtains would give us the fresh feeling, at the same time, we could feel the beauty of silence with the gray and white curtains, if you want to have the pretty curtains for your house, in my opinion, the gray and white curtains will be a good choice for you, that could make your house fresh and nature, at the same time, it could improve our taste.

The mystery peacock curtains

In the southwest of our country, there is a mysterious country Burma, we can see very beautiful peacock in my countries, some people are very fond of this creature by the peacock. The beautiful and mysterious is full of elegant temperament.

First totem

These ethnic groups like the peacock as their sacred totem, represent the auspicious, so many places will have the appearance of the peacock. Peacock generally on clothes, known as the national costumes, there is some furniture, we also can have the peacock, some pillows on the bed, there is some sheets will have on it.Then there is the peacock curtains.

Second the beautiful peacock

The peacock is very beautiful, mysterious eyes like grain, more and more mysterious and full of temptation is to make the peacock.The peacock is very good looking, and it can be comparable with the phoenix, the peacock painted a beautiful tail on the curtain, they hang on the window, which is with the light wind gently brushed, that is what a wonderful thing.And they have peacock pattern curtain, it is able to carry on some privacy protection, because the design will have certain shading effect, it will have certain ability of privacy protection, and the pattern is a flower, so there will be no phenomenon that it is the emergence of some, there will be more good hidden effect, and add the peacock mysterious feeling, can make you more mystery behind the curtain.

peacock curtains

And the curtain of the peacock pattern price is very cheap, especially in my standard of living is completely can meet the ability to buy the peacock pattern of the curtain.And the people of Burma is very like the curtains,.a lot of people will have curtains like this in the home, when they installed the navy and white striped curtains, they seemed to be able to feel the sea that the ocean is their eyes. The feeling of the sea is cool and relax. This is the most popular curtains in summer.

Girls Like Pink Blackout Curtains

Every girl has a dream about a princess from their childhood. When they were young they always make the dream come true through the Barbie. But when they are growing up, there are more possibility to realize your dream. Just as a pair of high-heeled shoes, a suit of cute tutu dress and so on are all the essentials to build the princess dream. Of course, if the girl has her own house, then the dream may be will come true. Because she can make the whole house become pink. So the pink blackout curtains will be the most popular curtains among the girls.

The pink color is charming. We will feel the delicacy from new born baby. And the pink blackout curtains are also having this kind of magic to attract people to like them. From the psychological, the pink color is making us feel we are to be loved. We also feel this color is comfortable and soft. So if you have a room with pink curtains. Your friends will feel the host of the room is kind, nice and who is worthy to make friends with her. People like the pink blackout curtains especial the girls. So they also like the people who also like to use the pink things.

pink blackout curtains

However, the most important functions of the curtains are blocking the sunlight. So we make out the pink blackout curtains. They are not only meeting the requirements of people about the color in psychology. But also it also resolves the question about the practical of the curtains for people. We often use a two-layer fabric to make the pink blackout curtains. One layer is sheer curtains and one layer is cotton. Putting these two fabrics together, then they will show the practical of the curtains well.

Sheer curtains have good air permeability. And they are also can filter some dirt. The cotton fabric has good function on blocking the sunlight. They can block the harmful UV. It is really that kill two birds with one stone. Then you must know the reason of that young girls like the pink curtains so much.

Zebra Curtains Show Your Strong Personality

In this time, the young people show their personality everywhere, is coming. Whatever the clothes, accessory, form training and so on will be zoomed in and they will become the symbol of the new personality of the young people now. Even the curtains in our daily life are also the thing can show our unique personality. If you see the such as plaid, floral and other patterns you will be not amazed. But if you see the zebra curtains, you must feel different taste from your friend who has the zebra curtains and give their taste a new comment.

Yes, the zebra curtains just like leopard curtains, they make us feel amazing. They also make an unromantic house become different at the next moment. Then what features of the zebra curtains? Next I will talk about this with you.

The easiest zebra curtains are made by silk fabric. And the patterns just are the patterns on the zebra. They are no too fancy and rich changes. These are only a kind of most easy and normal curtains. However, because the special fabric and traditional patterns of the zebra curtains, the people who are conservative with a little rebel like these zebra curtains very much.

zebra curtains

The zebra curtains are popular and creative now. They are also closed to the Korean style. We often will use the senior burlap fabric to made this kind of curtains. And although their basic tone is zebra, but we will make more changes and ideas on the curtains. For example, we will print a whole zebra on the white fabric. The zebra is vivid. Then you will feel the whole curtains will be more overbearing. You are also using the zebra patterns as the basic patterns to create more other different gradual patterns. Then the whole curtains will be more interesting and unique.

In a word, whatever you use the zebra patterns on traditional style curtains or Korean romantic style curtains, the patterns of them are making the zebra curtains will be the special curtains who can show the strong personality of the hosts. You can just have a try if you want to try the new and unusual style curtains. You never be regretted.

Rustic Curtains Make Your House Become Country Style

The curtains is a part of your house. Every different houses need all kinds of different style curtains. And these different curtains will show the basic style of your house. And in recent several years, the indie and art style is becoming more and more popular. These styles maybe become the new styles of curtains. Such as rustic curtains is becoming more and more popular in young people. Then what is the features of these kinds of curtains. These curtains are suitable for the house in which kind of styles on earth. Then we should talk about them in details. Then I think it will help you to choose the perfect curtains for your own house.

Recently, the patterns of the rustic curtains are so many kinds of. Such as floral, swag, fruit, polka dots, plaid and so on. These kinds of patterns more or less are rustic style. The rustic style curtains is closed to the nature. These kinds of curtains are also coming from the nature. The color which one use it on the rustic curtains is unique. The color are always from the nature.

According to the color of the fabric, most of them are khaki, white, light blue, light green and other light color. This kind of style curtains is not only has their own property on the colors. Even the material of the fabric is also the set pattern. In general, we will choose the burlap or cotton elements in the fabric or just use cotton or burlap fabric to make the rustic curtains. After all the burlap or cotton will show the natural features of the curtains.

rustic curtains

According to the trend now, more and more people like the rustic curtains. Especial the white-collar worker in the city or the people graduate from school just now. They prefer this kind of rustic curtains than other kind of style curtains. Because when they are decorating their house, they must will choose the country style of their decorating house. So this kind of rustic curtains are very suitable for the country style. They also can make the whole house become more and more fresh and warm.