Notes of installing Nautical Curtains

The furniture in our life, something we are easy to ignore them but they are necessary. Curtains just like that. To all kinds of curtains, the nautical curtains are outstanding colors. There is a part of people like this style so much. After you buying the nautical curtains the accessory need to buy at the same time. Then yo can install the curtains in time. Then I will introduce the knowledge of how to install the nautical curtains for you. Let’s learn it together! There are three key points to it.

First, Hooks be Arranged Evenly

During the process of we are installing the hooks. Just arranging these hooks uniformly. So we should count that how many hooks we need first. Then buy the modest hooks. Of course, when we are buying the hooks, we should buy a little more to prepare. If we broken one or two then also can’t finish installing theĀ nautical curtains. After you arranging the hooks evenly, the curtains will be perfect.

nautical blue curtains

Second, Don’t use the Rusty Hooks

Don’t use those rusty nautical curtains! They are can’t be used any more! Because they will make your curtains dirty. Maybe you are ignoring it when you choose the hooks. No matter what kind of reasons, you can’t use the rusty hooks any more. You must change it right now. Or for period, the little rusty hooks maybe destroy your beautiful and not cheap nautical curtains. You will get a big loss. The dirty curtains will be the big problem. Because you can’t clear the rust spot. we can’t clear the dirt, we want to continue us this curtains. How pity if we throw the not cheap beautiful curtains! But it is already dirty. That’s will be a big problem.

Third, Quantity of Pins

During the process, we are using the curtains, because of your different thoughts, the requirements of pins in quality are also different. At this time, you can adjust them. More or less.

The information above is the notes during our installing the nautical curtains. Now you know that even though the hooks are little accessory. But you must use it well. Or you will find this is really a troublesome thing.

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