When You Washing the Children Blackout Curtains Must Know Some Tips

When You Washing the Children Blackout Curtains Must Know Some Tips

If you wanna use the children blackout curtains for a long time must wash it well. There is normal that you find dirt on curtains. But these dirt is a trouble. Some of the use the dust cleaner to clean curtains. But some of them are hard to be cleaned. Then we better choose a good way to wash the curtains.

First How to Take Apart Curtains

When you want to wash your children’ blackout curtains, the first question is how to take apart the curtains. Before taking apart them, you better use the use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt on the curtains. Then wash them. Here is a little tip, don’t use b power to take apart the curtains. And putting the little parts on the curtains in a special receptacle. If you lose these little parts is very trouble.


Second Soaking the curtains

How to soaking the curtains is important. We should know according different material to choose different detergent. Or if you choose the wrong detergent will hurt the eclipse blackout curtains. Then how long soaking the curtains is good? Just about 15~60 minutes. There is a little tip, if you use the warn watter you can use the short time to get the good effect.

Third Washing the Curtains

When you washing your children’ blackout curtains must notice many details. Don’t wash it in a easy and simple way. You must be more careful. First we can put the senior material just like velvet or silk fabric and so on in the wash machine. If you can, try your best to wash them by your hand. Or you can send it to the shop where wash the curtains specially. It has less hurt on the curtains. Because the materials of this kind of curtains are very thin. If you use big power maybe broken them.

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