How to Pick Curtains According to the Windows

The relationship of curtains and windows are just like girls and clothes, only looking harmony can be perfect. So this time, we are gonna talk about how to select curtains according to different windows. So do not miss this time!


First of all, we have vertical type window. In modern home, such windows are the most popular and common one. Such windows are vertical rectangle shaped, presented in beautiful pattern and in harmony proportion in the house. You can get elegant and graceful feelings from such windows. When we choose curtains, we may pick long length down to floor. Right now, in the curtains market, we have many styles cater to such windows. Among all these curtains, we may pick the European royal style roman curtains as the best choice. So the room will be gorgeous and charming.

Moreover, we have bay windows in our bedroom, study room or kids room. Personally, I love such windows, I can sit there and have the whole view outside the house. I think it is romantic. For such style, we can choose curtains with sheers curtains, so we can create the dreamy style for the room. At the same time, sheer curtains can prevent you from the direct sunshine at day time, so you just need to pull sheers. Well, I highly recommend this to you.

Finally, we have arc-shaped windows for villa, viewing room such large spaced house. Such windows are wide and large, which will create the room in modern and popular way. For such windows, we should choose large and big curtains to match with it. Double sized drapes are recommended to you. Therefore, the curtains can present in the perfect draped way.

The Collocation of Furniture and Curtain’s Color

Now, more and more people not only care for the curtains’ material, pattern or embellishments and so on, but also the home whole collocation. Some curtain sellers would not give you the professional advice, they just want to sell the curtains to you. Must there must be some skills for matching curtain colors with the furniture.

Among all these colors, red is the most warm color, which should be nice for winter usage. But if the curtain’s color is too deep after a long time, it may make you feel depressed. Too bright color is not nice. But for new couples, they love to pick bright colored curtains, and we would not suggest that. We suggest our customers can try black and red color mixed curtains, which will help you to sleep. At the same time, why do not try some fresh colors like light green or light blue such natural colors.


For living rooms, we may pick warm color and patterned curtains, which can present your hospitable personality. Also you can pick sheer curtains to decorate the room and create artful charms. While for study room curtains, we can pick neutral or cold color curtains like light green, or dark green and light blue. For example, if your furniture color is light brown or reddish brown, you can match it with beige or orange colored curtains. And white furniture can match with light coffee, light blue or ivory curtains. In this way, the room will be elegant and graceful. Moreover, we can pick yellow or orange color curtains in dining room, so you can have a good appetite.

Another important factor for curtains should be the harmony effect. For summer, we may pick soft sheers in light colors to create cool environment. And in winter, we are gonna need velvet and thick materials so we can block the cold weather outside.

Tips for How to Pick Bedroom Curtains to Help You Sleep

Bedroom is the place where people get rest after a long day work. And the curtains are presented at the most obvious area of the room, so at some point, the style of curtains you choose may decide the expression of the room. Also it express the life quality and taste of yours. Here we have one little tip for you, we should not pick curtains just because of its low price. Some bad quality curtains may have potential risks. It would be wonderful if we can have cheap but also good quality curtains.


From the fabrics, we have cotton, linen, silk, flocking or artificial fiber materials. Among all these materials, cotton and linen are the most common fabrics. And we suggest you these materials, because these fabrics are easy to clean and exchange, which are very nice for bedrooms. And yarn sheer curtains are great at decorate the room and create romantic and sweet atmosphere. For sheers, we can use it in balcony, or living room.

While for bedroom curtains, we would be better not to use bright colors but elegant one. So you may calm down and can rest well. Sometimes, when we need get some sleep at day time, we need the room to be totally blackout. Other time, we need the room to be bright. Therefore, we need full blackout curtains and sheers. When we need sleep, we can pull the blackout curtains, so it can help you sleep well. And other times, you can pull the sheers will be fine.

For the colors, we can pick fresh colors like light green, light blue such natural colors. And also you will have a nice mood with these colors at home. Also such colors are bold and not commonly used for bedrooms. You may ask your designer and design the special home bedroom belongs to you.

How to Pick Shower Curtains

As we all know, shower curtain is used for waterproof function, so the bathroom will not be wet everywhere after bathing. Also shower curtain can be used as the privacy protector or divide the room. A set of bright colored shower curtain can change the decorate style of the bathroom, so as to improve your life quality.

Well, speak of picking shower curtains, the first thing we should care about is the fabric. For shower curtain, we have multi-different materials like PVC, PEVA,EVA or polyester. PVC is good at transparency, which is also durable and comfortable, but maybe such fabric is bit smelly. PEVA fabric is eco-friendly material, which is also very comfortable. The more EVA fabric the shower curtain contains, it will be more softer.


We may have this misunderstanding that the thicker shower curtain is, the better waterproof it will be. Unfortunately, it is not correct. Too thick material will have influence on its waterproof function as well as breathability. Such shower curtain is not easy to be dry. After a long time, it will cause mildew. However, for some thin shower curtain, it will have longer service life.

Also for shower curtains, we have so many different styles in the market now. No matter what kind of design style your home is, you can find the one that suitable for it. Except the home design style, we should also consider who will use this one.
We have many modern and chic designed shower curtains, at the same time, we also have many cute ones for our kids. Sometimes, it is really a hard time to get kids bath. But if you can find a set of shower curtain they like, it also could be a happy shower time. What do you think?

Various Great Functions of Curtains

As we all know, curtains are critical in our house. A set of suitable curtains are related to our life. Curtains’ quality decide your life quality, and it is typically reflected on your sleeping quality. Different fabric curtains are various in the aspects of thermal, soundproof and blackout features. Therefore, function and fabric of curtains are significant. And here I am and I’m willing to share my experience with you.

First of all, the most obvious feature of curtain is its blackout style. No matter what texture curtain, it can blackout certain lights and prevent you from the direct sunshine. But the blackout level is different from different fabrics. Curtains can be divided into full blackout curtains and normal curtains, which depends on the request of blackout you need. For example, if you want to have a comfortable nap at day time, then you need to pick full blackout curtains for your bedroom like cotton or flocking fabric one. So you can have a good rest time home. While for study room and dining room, we do not totally dark or too bright environment. So we can just pick ordinary blackout curtains would be fine.


What’s more, right now it is cold winter. We absolutely need to consider thermal problem. We want to prevent the outside cold weather and keep room warm. If so, we can consider flocking material curtains, which are thick and good quality. By the way, as the study said, dark red is the warmest color among all these colors, which seems incredibly proper for winter.
Furthermore, curtains can be soundproof as well because of the specific fabrics. If you are living by the noisy street, you definitely need soundproof curtains, so you can rest well at home. You may pick flocking, cotton and linen fabrics.

Well, hope these information can be helpful to you.

Use Curtains to Decorate Your Windows

Different color presents different styles. Like green is like vivid life and young. We all love the energetic atmosphere. Also it is bright color, which is very easy to go with lemon yellow, banana yellow, mustard green and orange yellow colors. You can feel fresh and romantic at the same time.

The patterns choice seems to be the most significant point for choosing curtains, and also it is one of the most critical step. The styles can include the pattern design and color collocation. For floral design, it is mainly themed of floral or leaf patterns. In the design, it combines with the designer special artful design. After you decide the pattern you would like, then you need to select the color for curtains.


There are so many different colors, mainly including white, red, green, yellow and blue. White curtains are the most clean and elegant curtains. At the same time, white color can reflect all lights and create different effect. The most important feature is white can match with any colors like black, blue, red, purple, brown yellow or green. All these collocations look excellent. Also white colored sheers are light. They will present you a comfortable environment in summer and autumn.

Meanwhile, decoration styles are various like modern, classic, timeless and European style. For example, in Chinese design, Chinese traditional culture combines with modern concise style smartly together. So you can get a unique modern style. While in European design, we all know, European design is looking for romantic and luxurious styles. In some point, we can mix two elements together, and we may have surprising effect at home.

What Should We Notice for Country Bedroom

Country style bedroom design is warm and sweet. As the private space of the owner, we should appropriately consider the practical usage and comfortable sense. The style is graceful and elegant. Also in such design, the closet or other furniture are featured of exquisite texture.

For such clear design, we may pick light blue fabric curtains and decorative background. In this way, the bedroom will present natural and appealing styles. It feels like you are in the warm countryside accompanied by beautiful flowers and mild wind. You will feel natural pleasant mood among such designed bedroom.


Moreover, if you are familiar with traditional country designed bedroom, and you want to try something special, you can match with beige or pink colors curtains. Such colored curtains are eco-friendly, natural and fresh. These styles will present you different feelings. Also you can try classic design or new classic. If you are aimed to create romantic and graceful bedroom, you can pick some fancy lights to decorated with the curtains.

For country style bedrooms, we care more about the idea or the feeling it presents us. Usage of colors would be better for the one that makes you comfortable. One thing I would like to point out that it is not a wise choice to use too many colors in one room. Otherwise, too many colors will make room messy. And once you are in the room, you will feel complex and uncomfortable. All these feelings are what we should avoided when we are decorating the room in country style. We can add soft feature into the design to express cozy and nice life environment.

Sometimes, little decoration will make room totally different like painting, or flowers. Decorate your home, and experience different life style.

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Four Steps for you How to Pick Curtains

Home is the happiest place in our mind, and we all do our best to make our home look nice. After you bought the house and finish the painting and everything else. Good decoration or home design style can show your taste by the arrange of room or furniture, small decorations on the wall or on the desk. After all, curtain treatment is the best point to highlight your taste. Therefore, how can we pick the right curtains to make our home beautiful? Let’s find out this time.

First, we need to decide the overall style of your room. Different rooms design styles are different and various from whole style or the color usage. All these elements decide the direction of the curtains. Then you should pick the curtains according to the different functional areas like bedroom, living room or dining room. By the way, we cannot forget the fabric and the design style of curtains. You may hire a consultant for your home – the professional one. After you see the last effect, then you can calculate the budget according to size.


Furthermore, we can pick the floral pattern by different space. Big flower patterns will give you the strong visual impact and decorate the room in romantic way, which is more suitable for bigger room. While small floral patterns can make you feel more comfortable and warm, and can visually enlarge the room, so such style is more proper for small rooms.

Last but not least, we need to think about the curtain color you are going to pick. Curtain color should be corresponding to the main color of the room, but different from it. This is aimed to strengthen the different color level. For example, if your room furniture color is dark brown, the curtain color should not be too dark. Otherwise, the room will make you feel depressed and uncomfortable. At night, when you pull the curtains, its color should be harmony with the lights. If you are going to use fluorescent lamp, the color of curtains can be darker. But if you would like to use ordinary lights tend to be yellow, curtain color better not be too dark.

How to Pick Right Curtains for Your Home

Cold winter can make people feel lazy. When wind blowing by the windows, pull of the curtains you adored. The cold weather will be blocked outside. So your room will be romantic and warm.

Before you pick the curtains, you should be familiar with your windows. Windows are various different shaped in different rooms. Windows can be divided into several types like viewing windows. For such window, the biggest feature is it is big and large, so you can see the beautiful and wide views through it. It is necessary to use mechanical service with ropes to support the heavy curtains since the area is big. And for bedroom window, the biggest feature is the window is short and wide. But it should be great to pick French curtains to create a nice environment.


When we select the texture of curtains, we should take the room function in the first place. For example, for kitchen or bathroom, we need to pick practical and easy to clean material. Also such material would be nice if it can resist steam or oil in kitchen. At the same time, the styles can be simple and smooth. While for bedroom or kitchen, you may pick luxurious curtains and nice fabric. Especially for bedrooms, you may pick warm and thick materials to make sure you can keep privacy and sleep well. And for study room curtain, the curtains should be not be full blackout. You may pick light colors, which can make you calm down, and keep mind cool. In this way, it is benefit for improve your study efficiency.

At the same time, curtains choice should be according to the season. We may use light and sheers for summer and velvet thick one for winter to keep room warm. Different fabrics will present totally different decorated effects. Silk, satin or jacquard fabric and lace will give us luxurious and graceful feelings. Plaid cotton or linen will create a comfortable environment. And here is a little useful tip for you, we do not recommend curtains fabric that are too shiny, which will show lights reflection.

How to Pick Home Curtains

If you are not familiar with curtains, and it is your first time to pick curtains, you may be confused by various curtains in different colors and styles. But what’s your best for curtains? Today, we will discuss about it.

First of all, we need to consider what’s your home design theme? Generally speaking, light-weight fabric like thin cotton, ninon, thin yarn or net fabric sheer curtains cannot full blackout sunshine. Lights can penetrate from these materials and also it can create mysterious and safe feelings for you. What’s more, such fabrics are soft and thin. So these fabrics are great to match with curtains. At the same time, we need to consider the thickness of your curtains. Because thick curtains are more good at energy saving, thermal and blackout. When you are picking curtains, corduroy, velvet or pleuche materials curtains are not bad choices.


Furthermore, we should consider the pattern of the curtains. Also the color of curtains should match with your room. And you can pick the color according to the season and environment. For summer, we can use cold colored fabric, and in winter, it would be the best to pick warm colored one. While spring and autumn seasons, we can choose modest color fabric. And from the aspect of whole design, we need to think of the color of wall, furniture and floor. For example, if your furniture color is dark one, you may pick light colored curtains, because too much dark color will make people depress.

Finally, if your room is not big, it will be wise to pick simple designed curtains, since too much decorations will make the room messy and completed. By the way, when we choose the texture of the curtains, you should also think about where you are going to install it. Let me put in this way, bathroom or kitchen curtains should be waterproof and easy to clean. Pick correct curtains, your home will be different.

Pick Suitable Curtains to Decorate Your Home

Winter is coming, do you need to decorate your home in a different way? Change a bit, house will be totally different. Let’s start from changing curtains.

There are so many different materials for curtains. Generally speaking, we have cotton, linen, silk and polyester curtains. And in the market, the most popular curtain materials belong to cotton, linen, yarn, silk, flocking and artificial fiber materials. Just pick the material that is suitable for your home.


Most families would like to choose cotton or linen curtains, because such curtains are easy to clean and maintenance. Also the blackout function is good, so we like to choose these curtains for our bedrooms. While yarn sheer curtains are more like decorative curtains. Lights can penetrate through the fabric, which is widely used for living room or balcony. What’s more, silk or flocking white curtains are more soft and nice. You can adopt such curtains for bedrooms because they are good at blackout and thermal.

The curtains you choose should match with your home decoration style. Modern curtains are the easiest to match with your home style. You may pick the similar color with your home main theme. For example, if your home decoration is black, white or gray, then you can pick ivory or red curtains and sheers. If your home is country style, then you can pick solid color or dark patterned curtains. The curtains colors can be opposite or bold. For classic home, you may pick silk or flocking curtains, which is textured. Also you may pick sheers together with curtains. Deep colored curtains are recommended like gold, burgundy or dark purple color. If you can find the curtains you love, do not hesitate.

Basic Principles for Curtains Design

In home curtains design, purchase or arrangement, there are visual art principles everywhere. We need to abide by these principles when we are designing curtains. So we can present the room in the best visual effect and we can have an ideal living condition.

The first principle should be comparison, which is the basic skill in art curtain design. We compare two different articles’ shape or color, this is what we called comparison. We can emerge two obviously different elements in the same space like square and circle, old and new, light and dark or thin and thick. After careful designing, these factors can be opposite and harmony. We can have the comparison in the completely different characters. Image such curtains should be different and extraordinary.


Then we are gonna talk about the harmony part for curtains design. It means the curtains should meet our daily usage functions. But also it should look harmony in the room under the certain condition. The style or fabric should all match with the room decoration style like wall or furniture. People should feel comfortable. Harmony element can help you gain peace in mind and vision at home.

Last but not least, balance is another important design principles for curtains. Curtains are the channels that connected the room with the outside world. The basic functions of curtains should be sound absorption or soundproof, thermal, blackout lights and privacy protection. At the same time, if the curtains are exquisite designed and beautiful, it will make the room look interesting and charming. You will feel wonderful. So here is the tip for our customers, the curtains you picked should not only be pretty but also of good usage functions for your room.

Different Usages of Curtains

This time, we are going to talk about the multi usage of curtains, including privacy protection, lights utilization, home decoration and noisy reduction.

No one like to be exposed in front of others at home. Curtains can do good job for privacy protection. It is especially important for a family. Different room has different requirement for privacy protection. For example, living room is the place where you entertain your guests and have family activities. For this part, we do not need high demands for privacy protection. And for most of families, they do not close living room curtains. So such curtains are more kind of decorative curtains. But for bedroom or bathroom, we need high requests for privacy. As a result, we may pick sheer curtains for living room and thick curtains for bedrooms.


For privacy protection, we realize it by blocking lights, so we won’t be seen by others. Here, utilizing lights means we can protect our privacy but also utilize lights. For example, if you close the curtains for a long time, the thick curtains will block the sunshine, which is uncomfortable for human beings because we need sun lights. So for this request, we have sheer curtains to decorate our home.

For visual effect, curtains are the best decorative one for your home. Different style curtains can have different visual effects. Country curtains can present your home in vintage and pastoral style. Modern geometric pattern curtains are fashion and simple. Different patterns can have totally different feelings for your room.

At the same time, in this modern and fast developing society, there are many more functions for different style curtains. For example, curtains can play the role of noisy reduction. Such curtains are made of different and special fabrics.

Collocation of Different Curtain Styles

As one of the most important components at home, curtains are no longer the only function for privacy protection but also set off a good atmosphere at home. It can strengthen the design style and show artful taste. Also according to different home decoration, the curtains can highlight special style and taste.

For our customers’ convenience, we have divided styles and fabrics in the following classic types, so our customers can pick the one suitable for their own houses.


First, we have luxury European style. The inspiration comes from baroque and rococo in 18th century of France. Such styles are soft and romantic, which have strong senses of luxuriousness but not limited into classicism. Such curtains only adopt the good features of classicism like size or proportion. Simplify and abstract complicated designs.

Speak of village style, nowadays, there are more and more people own villas. And customers love to emerge natural country design into their house. So the vintage country style curtains are becoming more and more popular these years. The typical styles are American country style and England country style. In England country style, there are many adoptions of little floral cotton fabric or lace ones.

Last, simple and modern style is also prevailing now. Young generation loves North European style because of its natural and bright colors, which show the passions for life.

For the top construction, we remove the complex valance but with simple grommet or metal hooks. For the patterns, contemporary geometric images are popular. What’s more, cotton or linen materials are good choices.